In Loving Memory of Barney

Adopted March 10, 2000 - June 16, 2006

A True Ambassador of Rescue

Barney came into our life in March 2000. He had been found by a vet tech in the middle of a busy intersection in January, same old story, no collar, no tags. Ads were placed in the newspaper and fliers were posted at various locations, I remember even seeing his flier at the Carson shelter some months before. In mid March, about a month after our little Mr. Nick had died, I received an email with the flier on this found schnauzer possibly a mix now needing to find new a home. He had been in boarding for two months while they unsuccessfully searched for his owners and were looking for a rescue to take him. We called and were told he was being adopted that day... later I called and to verify he was adopted and it turned out the people changed their mind so we went to get our little man.

When Barney came home he strutted into the place like he owned the place. He made himself right at home curling in Mr. Nick's dogbed.... I had never seen such a confident little dog... he just seemed to think he belonged. Although he was a dog we picked up with the full intentions of placing him for adoption but after staying with us for a few weeks he grabbed us by the heartstrings and never let go. Needless to say he never went to adoptions... atleast not as a dog that was for adoption. The little guy that strutted in like he belonged, knew he did belong before we did. I was always grateful I had the good sense to keep my precious little guy.

We were honored to have had Barney for a little more than six wonderful years. He was an ambassador for rescue dogs... he fund raised in kissing booths both for rescue groups as well as our local dogpark. Many times he'd met people who'd say what a great little dog and then were amazed to learn this wonderful little guy was a rescued dog. Every year at the Redondo Beach Dogpark Halloween Hoe Down.... we'd pick up some costume for Barney... he was everything from Dumbo, to a skunk to a bumblebee, to a cow. He was always our poster boy for photo fund raisers... ok maybe it was because his mom was the webmaster but no one could deny that no other dog could have ever made a better Santa Claus or Easter Bunny than Barney. He lived and strived for the attention... was quite the ham. Whenever he came to adoptions with me.... someone always wanted to adopt him.. I'd have to tell them this one has a home... but those other schnauzers over there need homes. I remember one lady strolling her cart at Petco and telling her friend... look at that little black dog his eyes just say take me home... of course he had a home where he was most cherished.

Barney was a dog that everyone loved and who everyone loved... at Redondo Beach dogpark everyone knew him by name. His trade mark was his little red bandana. He would jumped into people's lap. There was never anyone who met and didn't love Barney.... and there was never anyone Barney didn't meet and love. What someone once said about Barney is "Barney made everyone feel special". As he made his rounds at dogpark jumping into people laps and giving them big kisses. You'd over hear new people he greeted saying "Hey look he likes me!". Barney managed to touch everyone's heart that he met.

Our time was not long enough but than the time with our loved ones ever is. What Barney leaves behind is a lifetime of wonderful memories that I will forever cherish. I feel very proud and lucky to have had him as our family member. To me he was the light of my life and my best friend. He was one dog in a million.... I will always love my special boy.

Cancer took Barney from us.... it was an aggressive cancer called indifferential spindle-cell sarcoma, his tumor was attached to his arteries and it could not be removed surgically. We tried chemo but was unsuccessful, his tumor progressed and was in danger of rupturing, he also had very little liver function left. So we mercifully released him to a peaceful death before he had to endure any suffering. Over the weeks when he was sick many people came to our house to visit the little man, I swear he had more friends than I've ever had. After we found out chemo was not working... we decided to take him back to the place he loved most Redondo Beach dogpark. Dogpark to him was like Disneyland the Happiest place on earth. His several last days of his life were spent with daily vists to dogpark, where he sat underneath a tree on a blanket and pillow and this time people came up to him to visit. Barney died only six weeks after his diagnosis.

I celebrate his life and all the joy he brought us and everyone else. We never really knew how old he was... we do think he may have been around 8-10 years old when he died.. he was taken early from us. But he taught us all how much joy one little dog can bring to so many. Our time was short... but you can't always measure things by time because the joy and love he gave us was enough to last many lifetimes.

I would like to say to those that are discouraged from adopting older dogs... please give them a chance..., it is not the quantiy of time but the quality of time. The wonderful memories and joy they bring can't be measured. To quote a wise man "the first thing you have to know when you get a dog is that they will break your heart".... this is the price of love. Had I passed my boy up because I thought our time would have been so shortened I would have missed out on one very amazing little dog.

Barney you truly made my life fuller... you are gone but will never be forgotten. I will always love you and hope to met up with you again and you can give me one of your gentle kisses. But for now good bye my faithful little buddy.

Barney Will Always Be in Our Hearts

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