Ways to Know You Are Doing Too Many Rescues

1. Your friends remark about your unique dog-fur seat covers.

2. A friend asks you if you want to go for a Sunday drive and you say you have to check the transport list first.

3. Your engine starts knocking so you pour a bottle of Rescue Remedy in the gas tank.

4. You get stopped for having illegally tinted windows and the officer does not believe those are nose prints.

5. You take your car to the car wash and ask for the flea bath.

6. You take your dog to the groomer but miss the appointment because your dog is still checking out all the strange doggie smells in your car and refuses to get out.

7. You sit down to plan your vacation and you begin dividing the route into legs.

8. You are pulled over for speeding and give the officer your rabies certificate.

9. You schedule your car's preventive maintenance at the Vets.

10. Your boss asks you to make his/her travel arrangements for an upcoming business trip, so you post him/her to all the transport lists.

11. You refer to your favorite Western Bagel shop as the Western Beagle Shop.

12. You open your glove compartment and all you have inside are three dog leashes, a hand full of cat treats, 13 dog biscuits, 1/2 bag of rabbit pellets, two Dog Breed Reference Guides, and a complete list of local Shelters.

13. You find that when other people bring out the kid pics and brag......you whip out the "rescued kids!" and brag!

14. You find that you literally start foaming at the mouth the instant you see an un-neutered dog/cat.

15. You find yourself not only petting your friend's dog or cat......but also doing health and temperament checks.

16. After you have health and temperament checked your friend's pet, you proceed to do a thorough home check!

17. Your "regular" friends refuse to answer the door, phone, or email because of the possibility (make that probability) that you need a foster or forever home for another beastie.

18. You go to call your best friend, and find that you have inadvertently dialed the kennel section of the Animal Shelter!

Yep......we are definitely in need of professional help.

-- Author Unknown

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