You Know Your a Dog Person When

Nobody's feet are allowed on the furniture, but your dogs are welcome to sleep on any piece of furniture they so choose.

You start barking at your children to "Sit!" "Stay!"

You can only remember people by associating them with their dog .

Your voice is immediately recognized by your Vet's receptionist .

Your dog decides he doesn't like someone and you tend to agree .

You describe your children as having temperaments rather than personalities.

Complete strangers call you on the phone to ask a question because they heard you were a "dog person" .

Your cookie jar has never seen the likes of people cookies .

While proudly showing off your family album, your guest asks, "Isn't there anyone else in your family besides the dog ?"

First time visitors wonder aloud, "Do you smell something?" and you really don't .

Your Vet takes a few extra courses just to keep up with your breed's assorted ailments .

You've traced your dog's family tree further than you have your own .

You break down and buy another pillow so you can have one to sleep on .

Your dog has the best birthday party over and above any kid in the entire neighborhood !

-- Author Unknown

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