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Please come meet our furry friends at our dog adoption fairs. If you have any questions about a particular dog's availability you can email us at info@msfr.org (please do not call.. email us!). Please note that not all of our dogs are always able to attend our adoption fairs so please be sure and contact us via email before coming to meet a particular dog!

Please note all adoptions are restricted to residences of the Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.  See Adoption Policies for further details on our adoption process.

Please Remember Adoption is a Lifetime Commitment!

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Molly and Dexter

Cooper - 3 year old male schnoodle. Cooper was rescued from an LA county shelter where he came in as a stray. He was so messy it was hard to tell what was underneath the matted mess. When we shaved him down he looked 10 pounds thinner! We had a dental one on him and he has a gleaming smile now. Cooper has natural ears and a docked tail. He is a good natured fellow who loves to play and gets along well with other dogs. Cooper is approximately 12 pounds.

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Hopkins - 5 year old male purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Hopkins was rescued from a local shelter where he came in as a stray. He was so matted and dirty the shelter listed him as a brown terrier. He had large wound underneath his chin requiring 8 stitches as well as several superficial abrasions (our guess is he has been hit by a car). After getting him bathed and groomed it was easy to see he is a handsome schnauzer. We had a dental done on him so he has nice pearly white teeth as well. Hopkins is a friendly fellow who gets well along with other dogs and loves everyone. Hopkins is approximately 20 pounds.

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Maggie Tupman
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Nelson & Dinah!

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Tim and Jo Ellen Volt

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The "Posey" Patrick Family

Lester - 1 year old male Miniature Schnauzer mix. Lester was rescued from a LA city shelter right before Thanksgiving. He had been hit by a car and had a broken jaw, broken pelvis, broken femur and dislocated hip. He had 4 different surgeries to repair his broken bones. After which we found his urethra was damaged and also required two more surgery. He had an uphill battle and fighting urinary track infections but is finally ready for a new home! Lester weighed in at 21 pounds at his last vet visit (he was 16 when we got him). His medical expenses have far exceeded any dog we've ever rescued but we couldn't give up on him, any donations to help with his medical bills would be appreciated.

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In Loving Memory of
Sophie who was loved by all

Carly - 2 year old female purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Carly was rescued from an LA county shelter where she came in as a stray. She was very nervous at the shelter and had her kennel card labeled with "caution". We found when we got her home she was very sweet and good with people. Although she's been great with her foster home, she is a nervous gal and can be protective when in new situations. Carly would be better in a home without kids. Carly gets along with submissive dogs but is a princess so does not get along with dominant dogs. She LOVES to play ball.. if you play ball with her you'll be her friend for life! Carly has a natural tail and natural ears that stand up. She is a small girl about 12 pounds.

Carly Playing Ball!

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In Loving Memory of
Ondina, who loved all dogs

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Wolverine and Logan!

Jack - 6 year old male purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Jack rescued from an LA city shelter. He came into the shelter after being hit by a car. His left eye was injured and unfortunately had to be removed while he was a the shelter. Another misfortunate is his injury did not heal properly so a second surgery on his eye had to be performed. Unfortunately for Jack is that his good eye isn't all that good... he has dry eye and requires drops be given daily. Jack had been adopted but was returned a couple of months later. His adopters home had a lot of visitors and Jack turned out to be too territorial for their environment. Jack will require an adult only home with an alpha owner and also a home that does not have a lot of people visiting. Jack is approximately 22 pounds. Jack is currently being shown by appointment only.

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Tim, Jo Ellen and Buddy
In Loving Memory of Mr. Magoo

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In Loving Memory of Mochi

Slater – 3 year old male Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle mix. Slater was rescued from an LA county shelter where he had come in as a stray. He was very frighten and skittish when we got him. We sent him to our trainer to get over some of his fear issues and he is doing much better with strangers now. He is great with other dogs and LOVES to go for walks. He'd do well with other dogs or as an only dog. We would like to see him go to someone that has a little dog experience as he would benefit with a confident owner. Slater is a loyal, affectionate little guy once he warms up to you. He would however be best in a home without small children. Slater is approximately 16 pounds.

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Josie- 1 year old female Toy Poodle mix. Josie was rescued from a LA city shelter where she came in as a stray. She had a broken femur requiring surgery (she had surgery Jan 17) and 2 months rehab. Josie had her 2 month post surgery x-rays and the vet thinks she is doing great, she would benefit with therapy of walking to strengthen her muscles. She is good natured but due to her tiny size and being fragile we need a home without younger kids. She gets along great with small dogs and likes to play. Josie is approximately pounds.

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Faye - 10 year old female Chihuahua. Faye was rescued from a LA county shelter after her owner surrendered her there. She's 10 years young... in Chihuahua years that is old enough to be calm but not too old and but still provide many more years of loving companionship. She does well with other dogs and is an easy going sweet little lady. Faye currently weighs 10 pounds but ideally should weigh about 8 pounds (we're working on that!). Faye can be seen by appointment at Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare in El Segundo Call 310-606-5507 or email southbaydoggie@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

UPDATE 10/03/2016: Sadly when blood work was done on Faye it showed she had some medical issues, an ultrasound was subsequently done and it revealed she has cancer with masses present on her liver and spline. Faye is now is hospice care.

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Swannee - 10 year old male spaniel mix. Swanne Was rescued from a LA county shelter. He was listed at 10 years old but is likely older, with missing teeth, blind in one eye from cataracts, and a heart murmur. He is shaved in this picture, but actually has pretty fluffy golden fur (see his tail) which will grow back. Swannee is a super sweet gentle spaniel mix and weighs about 12 pounds. He is fine with other dogs but mostly he just likes to be held and hang out near people. He would be a wonderful calm companion for an older person, or as an addition to a family with a little extra room in their hearts and home for a needy soul. Swannee can be seen by appointment at Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare in El Segundo Call 310-606-5507 or email southbaydoggie@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

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Earl - 3 year old male Catahoula mix. Earl was rescued from a crowded LA County shelter where he’d come in as a stray. We thought we’d found him a forever home, but unfortunately he was returned a few months later because his over-scheduled adopter decided that she did not have time for a young, very active dog. He is a happy, playful, affectionate boy who LOVES PEOPLE, he loves absolutely everyone... and is great with kids! Early has fine leash and car manners, and he’s housebroken and crate and doggy-door trained. He responds best to an “alpha” handler (he aced leadership-based obedience classes): like many large-breed adolescents he can be stubborn, so his adopter should have the experience, time and temperament to continue shaping a youngster with Earl’s potential into an adult dog to be proud of. Earl is basically full-grown approximately 60 pounds.

Earl at Obedience Practice

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