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Please come meet our furry friends at our dog adoption fairs. If you have any questions about a particular dog's availability you can email us at info@msfr.org (please do not call.. email us!). Please note that not all of our dogs are always able to attend our adoption fairs so please be sure and contact us via email before coming to meet a particular dog!

Please note all adoptions are restricted to residences of the Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.  See Adoption Policies for further details on our adoption process.

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Silas - 3 year old male Miniature Schnauzer mix. Silas was rescued from a LA county shelter where he came in as a stray. Silas gets along well with other dogs. He's a little on the nervous side so wouldn't do well around small children (8+ ok). He’s a tiny boy at about 11 pounds.

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Flora - 4 year old female purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Flora was rescued from a LA county shelter where she came in as a stray. She was in very rough condition, having demodectic mange as well as a raging ear infection. She had sores all over her body and wouldn't let anyone touch her. Because of her condition she was deemed a "rescue only" dog. Fast forward a month later she's doing very well after treatment and is a friendly lovable little girl. We had a dental also done on her to get her teeth pearly white. We have found Flora isn't that fond of kids so best to an adult only home. Flora is a tiny girl at about 12 pounds.

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Billie – 2 year old male Miniature Schnauzer mix. Billie (along with his pal Holiday who has been adopted) were rescued off the streets of Tijuana by another rescue organization that we work with, we agreed to find them a home. He is very puppyish and playful. He gets along great with other dogs. We think he may have a bit of doxie in him because he is shorter with a longer body. Billie is approximately 14 pounds.

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Sophie who was loved by all

Carly - 2 year old female purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Carly was rescued from an LA county shelter where she came in as a stray. She was very nervous at the shelter and had her kennel card labeled with "caution". We found when we got her home she was very sweet and good with people. Although she's been great with her foster home, she is a nervous gal and can be protective when in new situations. Carly would be better in a home without kids. Carly gets along with submissive dogs but is a princess so does not get along with dominant dogs. She LOVES to play ball.. if you play ball with her you'll be her friend for life! Carly has a natural tail and natural ears that stand up. She is a small girl about 12 pounds.

Carly Playing Ball!

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Frances - 6 year old female Miniature Poodle. Frances was a "piggy back" rescue from a LA county shelter were she came in as a Stray. She had an adopter who cancelled, so we picked her up the same time we rescued Silas. Frances is good with other dogs and is very friendly. We had a dental done on Frances now she has pearly white! Frances weighs approximately 10 pounds.

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Phoenix - 2 year old terrier mix rescued from a LA county shelter. We spotted her in the medical ward at the shelter and was told she had an adopter, we put our names on her as a backup which was good since her adopter never showed up. She came to us VERY VERY then and with parasites... she got meds to rid her of the parasites and we are working on fattening her up. After we had her a week we also discovered she had bladder stones and so she had surgery 1/18/2018 to remove the bladder stones. We are hoping by the end of January she will be ready for a new home. Phoenix is super sweet currently is about 7 pounds but should be more like 10 pounds.

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Mamacita - 5 year old female Shih Tzu/Terrier mix. Mamacita was rescued from a shelter where she came in as a stray. She gave birth to 4 pups after she was there only a day… only 2 of the pups survived. We rescued Mamacita and her pups (Rocky and Adrian). We discovered after pups were weaned that Mamacita had a mammary tumor as well as a hernia (from giving birth), the vet removed the tumor as well as all of the mammary glands on that side and repaired the hernia, along with spaying her and doing a dental on her. Poor girl has been through a lot!! But thankfully no more babies in her future to cause her problems. Mamacita is a loving affectionate little girl. She gets along well with other dogs but would also be ok as an only dog. Mamacita is about 9 pounds.

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Swannee - 10 year old male spaniel mix. Swanne Was rescued from a LA county shelter. He was listed at 10 years old but is likely older, with missing teeth, blind in one eye from cataracts, and a heart murmur. He is shaved in this picture, but actually has pretty fluffy golden fur (see his tail) which will grow back. Swannee is a super sweet gentle spaniel mix and weighs about 12 pounds. He is fine with other dogs but mostly he just likes to be held and hang out near people. He would be a wonderful calm companion for an older person, or as an addition to a family with a little extra room in their hearts and home for a needy soul. Swannee can be seen by appointment at Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare in El Segundo Call 310-606-5507 or email southbaydoggie@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

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