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If you have any questions about a particular dog's availability you can email us at info@msfr.org (please do not call.. email us!). Please note that not all of our dogs are always able to attend our adoption fairs so please be sure and contact us via email before coming to meet a particular dog!

Please note all adoptions are restricted to residences of the Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.  See Adoption Policies for further details on our adoption process.

Please Remember Adoption is a Lifetime Commitment!


Perkins - 6 year old male Schnauzer/Poodle mix. Perkins was rescued from a LA county shelter where he came in as a stray. He was matted and dirty so no one from the public adopted him. Boy did this scruffy guy turn into one of the plushest/softest dogs we’ve had after grooming… what a beauty! He's more on the poodle than schnauzer size and ended up with a poodle hair cut. Perkins is a smart little guy who is good with other dogs and very people friendly. He is a little needy a he likes to have someone around (people or dogs). Perkins has had a dental and ALL of his teeth had to be removed. Perkins is lanky like a poodle at about 15 pounds.

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Bates – 1 year old male Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle mix. Bates was rescued from a LA area shelter where he came in as a stray. He was a little shy at the shelter and that maybe why he was not adopted by the public. He has come out of his shell and is friendly as can be! We think he maybe under a year since he is so puppyish. He appears to be a non shedder. He is good with other dogs.. but does need obedience training. Bates is approximately 12 pounds.

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Edison – 2 year old male Miniature Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix. Edison showed up at a LA county shelter as a stray around Halloween, he was microchipped and his owner opted to not reclaim him (for what we could tell it looks like he was previously adopted six months before). While at the shelter he had an injury to his tail requiring his tail be amputated... unfortunately when we got him the bone was sticking out and he required a second surgery (not his tail is docked about the size a pointer would have). After several weeks of healing he is ready for a home. Edison gets along well with other dogs, he is great with people, very affectionate. He has a underbite which makes it look like he is always smiling. Edison currently weights approximately 16 pounds but should gain a little more weight.

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Fields – 1 year old male Miniature Schnauzer/ShihTzu mix. Fields was rescued from a LA county shelter where he came in as a stray. We noticed he was at a private vet so called to see what was wrong and if he needed rescuing. They told us he had tested postive for parvo. Before we could commit to taking him we lined up one of our vets that could isolate and treat him. We called back the shelter to say was could take him, they then told us he had a bad hip also. After rescuing him he went straight to our vet for monitoring, isolating and evaluating him. The good news turned out he was parvo free, the bad news is he had hip dysplasia in both hips and required surgery. We got his GI problems resolved and had an orthopedic vet evaluate him. They subsequently did do bio-lateral FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery on 5/3/2019. Fields had 6 weeks of water therapy after that. We are thankful that Fields made a complete recovery. The vet said little dogs like Fields do very well in the long run of things. Fields can run, walk and play like any other dog.. he does have difficulty with stairs though and needs to be carried. Fields would do best with a doggie companion of similar size. He also requires a home with a fenced yard (no condos o Fields is approximately 12 pounds r apartments).

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Tobie – 4 year old male Miniature Poodle. Tobie was rescued from a LA county shelter where he came in as a stray and was injured (presumably he had been hit by a car). Luckily he only had soft tissue injuries and some abrasions. Tobie was also microchipped and his owner was contacted by decided not to reclaim him. He was very matted (apparently not groomed in a long time) so had to be shaved down. Tobie is a very dominate dog and required that we send him to a trainer to work with him, while he is much better he will still require an experienced alpha owner and a home without small children. Tobie gets along great with other dogs. Tobie is approximately 13 pounds.

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