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One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. One female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOMES FOR ALL THESE ANIMALS. In the Greater Los Angeles area alone, over 400 hundred animals are euthanized in shelters every day, and countless more die of injury and neglect on the streets. Click here to read more about what the spcaLA says about the importance of spaying and neutering.

Please be a part of the solution rather than the problem. Be a responsible pet owner - spay/neuter your pets! In addition to helping control pet overpopulation, you could be saving your own pet's life. Unspayed females are at risk for deadly pyometra. Spaying your female early can prevent mammary cancer, neutering your male can prevent prostate problems. And intact dogs of both sexes are much higher risk for being lost, picked up by animal control, or injured in traffic or in fights because of their hormone-driven urge to roam.

Almost all local jurisdictions offer reduced-price licensing for neutered dogs. For example, after November 2000 the city of Los Angeles the licensing fee for an intact dog was raised to $100 (the fee for a sterilized dog is one-tenth the cost!). The fine for non-compliance is $500. The Los Angeles County Animal Board of Supervisors passed new laws affective March 2007 requiring all residents of unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County to have their dogs spayed or neutered and have an identification microchip implanted in each dog. Violators subject to jail time and/or a significant fine.

So by having your pet spayed/neutered you will save money, avoid potential legal problems, and improve your pet’s long-term health. Most important, you will be doing your part to spare unborn puppies and kittens the misery caused by pet overpopulation. There are many low-cost spay/neuter clinics in the Southern California area. Listed below are some contacts to help you locate one in your area. If you don't see a local number, try the national referral number at 800-248-SPAY (800-248-7729).

Low cost spay/neuter national referrals anywhere in USA
SPAY USA - 800-248-SPAY (7729)

Comprehensive list of Low Cost Clinics all over Southern CA

Animal Birth Control Clinics
1950 Pacific Coast Highway
Lomita, CA

Animal Birth Control Clinic
18192 Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA

Animal Care Center
Golden State Humane Society
555 E. Artesia Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90805

Animal Care Center
Golden State Humane Society
11901 Gilbert Street
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Animal Health Foundation
 562-948-4979 (financial assistance for seniors 65+ only)

Animal Medical Center
16540 Harbor Blvd # A
Fountain Valley - 714-531-1155

Baldwin Animal Shelter

Benevolent Animal Rescue Committee
San Bernardino - 909-389-9552
See Website

Carson Animal Shelter
216 W. Victoria
Gardena, CA 90248

Cat and Dog Rescue

Cats In Need
Diamond Bar - 909-860-1107
Garden Grove 714-530-4563
Pomona - 909-622-0121
San Gabriel - 626-337-4306
Santa Ana - 714-838-0463

Cats in Need of Humane Care
Pomona residences only - 909-622-0121
Friendship for Animals

Golden State Humane Society
Garden Grove - 714-638-8111

Humane Animal Rescue Team
Fillmore residence only - 805-524-4542

L.A. Animal Services
Los Angeles residence only - 213-893-8400

See Website

Los Angeles County Animal Control
11258 Garfield Street
Downey, CA 90242

Pet Assistance Foundation
Long Beach - 562-920-1216
Los Angeles - 213-896-8110
San Fernando - 818-709-0900
San Gabriel Valley - 626-330-1983
South Bay - 310-732-1230
Simi Valley - 805-583-6143
Santa Clarita - 805-259-1578
Victor Valley - 760-247-6123
Victor Valley - 760-247-5312
San Bernardino - 909-341-5643
No. San Diego - 619-697-PETS
San Diego - 619-745-7986

Santa Monica Shelter
 Santa Monica residence only - 310-450-6179

9777 SEAACA Street
Downey, CA

The spcaLA:

Spay and Neuter Animal Network

Ventura County Animal Regulations
Ventura County - 800-660-5474

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