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Wonder where your donations go? Or why we charge adoption fees higher than the shelters? Some of the dogs on this page have received extensive medical treatment and/or have been with our rescue for a while. Can you open up your heart and home to one of them... or can you sponsor one?


Faye 10 year old female Chihuahua. My name is Faye. I don't understand why my family went away. We had 10 happy years together and then one day they took me to jail. I don't know what I did wrong... I am quiet and don't take up much room (I only weigh 8 lbs) and I try to be really nice. Although I'm a little old lady now, I still enjoy my life: a little walk around the block and a soft bed is all I need. I like other dogs but I'm so lonely and just want a human to care about me again. Faye can be seen by appointment at Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare in El Segundo Call 310-606-5507 or email southbaydoggie@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

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