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Wonder where your donations go? Or why we charge adoption fees higher than the shelters? Some of the dogs on this page have received extensive medical treatment and/or have been with our rescue for a while. Can you open up your heart and home to one of them... or can you sponsor one?

Lester - 1 year old male Miniature Schnauzer mix. Lester was rescued from a LA city shelter right before Thanksgiving. He had been hit by a car and had a broken jaw, broken pelvis, broken femur and dislocated hip. He had 4 different surgeries to repair his broken bones. After which we found his urethra was damaged and also required two more surgery. He had an uphill battle and fighting urinary track infections but is finally ready for a new home! Lester weighed in at 21 pounds at his last vet visit (he was 16 when we got him). His medical expenses have far exceeded any dog we've ever rescued but we couldn't give up on him, any donations to help with his medical bills would be appreciated.

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Maggie Tupman
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Love Poppy, Schooner,
Nelson & Dinah!

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Tim and Jo Ellen Volt

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Susan Holden
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The "Posey" Patrick Family

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Jack Miller
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Trapper John

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The Richards Family

Chevy - 15 year old female Terrier mix. Chevy was a dog we rescued many years ago (2002 while we were actually with another rescue group) and placed her with a loving family back in 2002. We were contacted in August 2016 by animal control after she had been picked up and her microchip was still registered in our name. When we tried to contact her owner we found their phone out of order... we than used the alternate contact info and were told her owners had passed away a couple of years ago (both the husband and wife would have only been in their early 60s). We were told their son who was now in his mid 20s and had actually grew up with Chevy, had been taking care of her the last several years. We made contact with him and he did not want to reclaim her, nor did any other family members. The shelter let us know that they would have to euthanize her as they deemed her unadopted due to her advanced age and medical issues. Although we only knew her for 2 weeks back in 2002, we felt an obligation to her and we just could not let her die at the shelter. Chevy has heart problems, limited sight and has signs of dementia. Chevy is a hospice care and will be taking care of her while she still has some quality of life left.

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Jack - 6 year old male purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Jack rescued from a LA city shelter. He came into the shelter after being hit by a car. His left eye was injured and unfortunately had to be removed while he was a the shelter. Another misfortunate is his injury did not heal properly so a second surgery on his eye had to be performed. Unfortunately for Jack is that his good eye isn't all that good... he has dry eye and requires drops be given daily. Jack had been adopted but was returned a couple of months later. His adopters home had a lot of visitors and Jack turned out to be too territorial for their environment. Jack will require an adult only home with an alpha owner and also a home that does not have a lot of people visiting. Jack is approximately 22 pounds. Jack is currently being shown by appointment only.

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In Loving Memory of
Ondina, who loved all dogs

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Wolverine and Logan!


Faye - 10 year old female Chihuahua. Faye was rescued from a LA county shelter after her owner surrendered her there. She's 10 years young... in Chihuahua years that is old enough to be calm but not too old and but still provide many more years of loving companionship. She does well with other dogs and is an easy going sweet little lady. Faye currently weighs 10 pounds but ideally should weigh about 8 pounds (we're working on that!). Faye can be seen by appointment at Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare in El Segundo Call 310-606-5507 or email southbaydoggie@hotmail.com for an appointment or more information.

UPDATE 10/03/2016: Sadly when blood work was done on Faye it showed she had some medical issues, an ultrasound was subsequently done and it revealed she has cancer with masses present on her liver and spline. Faye is now is hospice care.

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